The Short Story of Prophet Huud (A.S) [Eber]

After the great flood of Prophet Nuh (a.s), new cities soon sprang, the Aad (A tribe of pagan Arabs) lived in ancient Arabia, by sand dunes where water ran. The Aad were gigantic humans who had skills and muscle power, they cut homes in rocks and built castles with huge pillar towers.

With canals they watered lush gardens of fruits and vines, caravans came to trade; the Aad were rich for their times. In time, they forgot about Nuh (a.s), the flood and ALLAH’s way, the Aad started to do Shirk as Shataan led them astray.

They proudly showed off skills; thinking they were very clever, they bowed to man-made idols, certain they would last forever. ALLAH sent their brother Huud (a.s), four generations after
Nuh (a.s). An Arab from a good tribe, who advised them wisely what to do.

Boasting of being a mighty power; saying ALLAH they didn’t need, Aad’s Cheifs said Huud (a.s) was crazy, and carried on in their greed. They joked ALLAH can’t raise the dead, as people turn to dust, that Huud (a.s) was just a man without miracles; a liar not to trust.

“Look at all the blessings ALLAH sends us!” Huud (a.s) tried to explain. the Aad stuck to their father’s shirk, saying Huud (a.s) was insane. Huud (a.s) warned, ALLAH would replace them if they didn’t believe, jesting for Huud (a.s) to bring their doom, they told him to leave.

Hudd (a.s) saw a very bad drought and knew ALLAH had stopped the rain, he told the Aad to make Tawbah, so ALLAH would send them the rain again. Still in drought, the Aad;s hatred forced the Believers to go, Huud (a.s) left for Yemen, leavingthe Aad as winds began to blow.

In cheer the Aad saw thick clouds, hoping for rain in delight, as cool West winds blew, they thought that relief was in sight. Under a stormy sky, Prophet Muhammad (saw) felt an uneasy gloom, relieved after rain, thinking about how Aad’s joy turned to doom.

ALLAH was goingto punishthe Aad with a hurricane-like blast, an angry wind smashing everything in its way: furiously fast. He Aad begged idols, but should haveturned to ALLAH instead, they hid in buildings for safety, crushedin ruinsthey lay dead.

For seven nights and eight days in one go; Aad’s storm blew, it plucked them like dead palm trees: tossing them it threw. The furious winds left behind a land ruined like a rotten heap, with nothing alive, sand covered Aad’s cities many layers deep.

Huud (a.s) took the Believers to Yemen to worship ALLAH feeling safe, Huud (a.s) was buried there, a land where he led Believers with faith. Now burried under empty desert, Aad’s land once reached the sea, Arabia used to be lush, and in the future: green again it will be.

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