Is Wishing Merry Christmas Permissible In Islam?

Is Saying Merry Christmas or taking part in the Celebration of Christmas Permissible in Islam?

Saying Merry Christmas ?

We start of with a Quote,

“Saying Merry Christmas is worse then fornication or killing someone”

This is how important it is for US NOT TO SAY THESE WORDS!! When we say it , it means WE AGREE WITH THIS WHOLE CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION THING!

Christmas more to do with Santa Claus than Jesus according to the Christians When you are wishing someone ‘Merry Christmas’, without you realizing you are agreeing that God has a son and he (the Son of God) was born on 25th December.
Astagfirullah Al Azim!

May Allah Save us from saying such khufr words! Ameen !

Saying God has a son is a 100% Shirk (the greatest sin in Islam), as Allah says in the Qur’an:

“Allah begets not, nor was He begotten”
[Quran, 112: 3]

So O’ Muslims! A Reminder to myself and then you all, for us not to celebrate this “fake day” and not to say merry Christmas to anyone, but rather just say have a nice holiday as this is far better
then saying merry Christmas

May Allah Save us from saying words of khurf / shirk and May Allah forgive us of our sins and guide the misguided!


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