I Am Doing What I Can

There was a big fire in the forest and all the animals started to run away. They said: “We can’t do anything. The fire is too big!” They waited for some bigger animals to put out the fire. Then they saw a little hummingbird. The Hummingbird decided: “I will help put out the fire.”

So the Hummingbird flew to the river, picked up a small amount of water, returned and put it on the fire. The hummingbird saw that the first drops of water did not put out the fire, but he continued flying to the river and back.

The other animals laughed at him and said: “What are you doing? Did you put out the fire?”

The Hummingbird replied: “I’m doing what I can!”

Do what you can, no matter how small it is, Allah Sees our intention. And remember, collection of small efforts are powerful when they become associated with each other, doing SOMETHING is better than NOTHING.

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