Celebrating Eid-Ul-Adha And Sacrificing Animals (10th Of Dhul Hijjah)

Celebrating Eid-Ul-Adha And Sacrificing Animals (10th Of Dhul Hijjah)

Celebrating Eid-Ul-Adha And Sacrificing Animals (10th Of Dhul Hijjah)

The month of Dhul Hijjah, apart from the month of Hajj, is also called the month of the sacrifice, due to the large number of sacrificial animals slaughtered during the month.

Muslims celebrate Eid-ul-Adha on 10th of Dhil Hijjah. Eid-ul-Adha is the celebration of sacrifice and remember the spirit of Prophet Abraham (A.S.) as how he was willing to sacrifice the person he loved the most, because it was Allah’s command which he had to obey no matter what.

It was narrated from Abu Huraira (R.A.) that the Messenger of Allah (S.A.W.) said:

“Whoever can afford to offer a sacrifice but does not do so, let him not approach our place of prayer.” (Ibn Majah: 3123)
The Hadith narrates that whoever does not offer a sacrifice in spite of being capable of doing so, does not have the right to participate in the joys of the Muslims. It does not mean that he is not required to perform the Eid prayer, but it is to warn him to avoid abandoning the sacrifice.

Sacrifice (Qurbani) can only be performed after the Eid-ul-Adha prayers from the 10th of Dhul Hijjah to the 12th of Dhul Hijjah.

It is necessary for the one who intends to offer the sacrifice that he/she does not remove any hair, nail or skin from the sunset on last day of Dhul Qadah until the sacrifice is done on the Eid day. The same is evident from following Hadith:

It was narrated from Ummm Salamah (R.A.) that the Prophet said:
“Whoever sees the new crescent of Dhul Hijjah and wants to offer a sacrifice, let him not remove any of his hair or nails until he has offered the sacrifice.”
Reference : (Sunnan An-Nisai: 4366)

May Allah bless all Muslims with His blessings, have mercy on us and respond our every dua, forgive all our sins, multiply our good deeds, grant us and our family with good health, happiness at every step of our life and allocate a place for us in Jannah. AMEEN

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