4 Cheezein Hoti Or Agar 4 Cheezein Na Hoti

Hazrat Musa (A.S) ne Allah se arz kiya :

Aye ALLAH Bahut hi Acha Hota ke 4 Chezeen Hoti aur 4 Chezen Na hoti

1) Zindagi Hoti or Maut na Hoti
2) Jannat Hoti or Dozakh na Hoti
3) Daulat Hoti or Tangdasti Na Hoti
4) Sehat Hoti or Bemari Na Hoti


1) Agar Maut Na Hoti To Mera Deedar Na Hota
2) Agar Tangdasti Na Hoti To Mera Shukria Kaun Ada Karta
3) Agar Dozakh Na Hoti To Mere Aazab Se Kaun Darta
4) Agar Bemari Na Hoti To Meri Yaad Kaun karta.

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