What will you do if you are burning inside – A message to whole word against Delhi gang-rape 2012

What you will do if you are burning inside – A message to whole word against Delhi gang-rape 2012

This message is not only for Muslims, Christians, Hindus or any other religion but for all religions and nationalities.

We’re experienced huge problems around us and especially different crimes, rape or gang-rape cases.

Think – what our new generation has in their minds. We’re providing them best movies (doesn’t matter its Hollywood, Bollywood or Lollywood) with vulgar dance, half/full naked female actress, Villains who raped heroines, illegal sex relationships, sex on internet, crimes, tricks how to flirt, how to take revenge if heroine/girl didn’t accept your offer, throw Tezaab on faces and many other bad things.

By watching all this, are we satisfied doing very good for our culture? Are we satisfied providing good moral to our young generation? Are we satisfied that our culture is being cleaned from crimes?

THE ANSWER IS NO – And internally all we accept this is not good for our young generation and whole culture.

Due to huge competition in Hollywood, Bollywood, Lollywood and media, they are showing wrong things to get their business top and rating.

Young generation watching wrong and bad things especially on internet are burning from inside and want to fulfill their desire. So we are responsible for crimes, sex and rapes. Parents along with their children watch half naked sex, raping scenes and other crimes on TV, Cable and in Movies.

The question is how young generation can stop his/her inside burning situation by watching all wrong things? I believe everyone know the answers.

If you really want to see your culture from all wrong and bad things, we really need to start think from our own house where we are leading and what are root causes. Because today’s kid will be a man/woman for future.

Otherwise wait for another crime or rape. Or label yourself as Modern, Advance and Fashionable generation. 

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