Thousands Of Palestinian People Waiting For A Singer Not For Salahuddin Aayubi

Thousands Of Palestinian People Waiting For A Singer

Thousands of Palestinian people waiting for a singer !!!!!!!
Like he is Salahuddin Alayubi coming to free their occupied land!

When the great leader Salahuddin Alayubi was asked: Oh Salahuddin, why do you never smile? He said: How can I smile and how can food or water taste good to me when Al Aqsa is under the hands of the occupiers?!

And by time Salahuddin succeeded to free Plaestine because he was a sincere muslim MAN

Today, “israel” succeeded to turn the hearts of muslims toward songs and love series so you find millions of muslims spending their days watching turkish series and western movies reading about singers and football players while other muslims are being slaughtered like sheeps and their lands are being occupied !

The prophet pbuh said: , ‘Soon a time will come upon you, when the nations will call one another against you, like a group of people sitting around a platter of food.
The Sahaabah asked, ‘Ya Rasoolullaah, will we be few in number that day?’

He (saw) replied.” No, you wont be few in number, rather you will number MANY…BUT you will be like the floating rubbish, upon floods of water.

When such a time shall come, Allah, The Almighty, will extract your fear from the hearts of your enemies, and He, (swt), will cast Wahn into your hearts.’

The Sahaabah asked, ‘Ya Rasoolulllaah, what’s Wahn?’

He (saw) replied, ‘The Love of this life and the fear of death.’

Allah the almighty says: “Believers are but brothers”

How dare a muslim enjoy his life while his brother muslim is being killed ?! How dare a muslim sing while he knows that his sisters are being raped somewhere else ?!
How dare a muslim feel happy while he knows that Alquds is under occupation of non muslims ?!

Brotherhood is gone , may Allah save us.

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