Qurbani Ki Dua Or Tarika

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Qurbani Ki Dua Or Tarika

– Zibah Kertey Waqt Jaanwar Ko Qibla Rukh Ker Lena Mustahib Hai
(Ibn Khuzema)

– Qurbani Kertey Waqt Ki Dua:
“Bismillahi Wallahu Akber”
(Sahih Bukhari O Muslim)

– Khud Zibah Kerna Afzal HaiLekin Kisi Doosrey Se Zibah Kerwaney Main Bhi Koi Herj Nahi
(Sahih Bukhari)

– Musalman Aurat Bhi Qurbani Ka Janwar Zibah Ker Sakti Hai
(Sahih Bukhari)

– Zibah Kerney Waley Qasaab Ko Qurbani Ke Jaanwar Main Se Koi Cheez Batorey Mazduri Dena Jaez Nahi
(Bukhari O Muslim)

3 thoughts on “Qurbani Ki Dua Or Tarika

  1. Qurbani Is Waajib Or Essential
    Qurbani is “Waajib” important or necessary almost every Islamic men and Islamic women who has acquired puberty or is of audio concepts contains “Nisaab” (is the value of unwanted achievements which creates a Islamic accountable for Zakaah) for that period. The possession of or relative economical dedication value of silver “+ -3 ounces” and in the situation of silver its “+ – 20 ounces” To create deal in the Name of Allah

  2. Qurbani is an Arabic word which means sacrifice. In Islam this act is duty of all Muslim who can afford it..well another issue i want to discuss is orphans.The child's who lost there mother and father in their early age.Its our duty to help those as much we can. Also we can help them through the
    Orphan Sponsorship organizations, which are responsible for there food, shelter, education and other basic needs.

  3. This is not compulsory all Muslim its only for affordable and its have more than 7.5 tola gold or its cost or 52 tola Chandi or cost and distribution poor puple.

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